What is Human Nature?

“What is human nature?” was a question asked by E. O. Wilson (1998). According to Wilson, “social scientists as a whole have paid little attention to the foundations of human nature, and they have almost no interest in its deeper origin.”  (1998) Thus, I ask, “What are the origins and the foundations of human nature?” Most of us don’t spend enough time trying to understand what makes for human beings. I contend that the origins of human nature must involve our nature-based Cosmic and biological evolution, and at the individual level will include our cultural evolutionary history. I have come to understand the foundations of human nature must pertain to our nature-based Cosmic and biological inheritance, and at the individual level will include our cultural inheritance. Human origins and foundations came into existence from natural evolutionary and inheritance patterns. We are creatures of Nature and products of evolution and inheritance. We are natural-energy (Big Bang) and life-energy (Big Birth) creatures. Importantly, all cultures interpret this inheritance and goes on to influence how each of us will interact in and with the world.

I want to take the time to review some basic concepts related to human nature: 1.) nature comes from the Latin natura and means origin, 2.) nasci is to be born with;  eg. one’s innate disposition or unique character, and 3.) natural pertains to Nature, coming from Nature, or patterns in Nature. Human nature is naturist (DNA – seed) and is shaped and influenced in a nurturist (ENV- soil) manner. Our personal nature is the sum total of those ensconced human traits we are born with, and the enculturation embedded in us. Montaigne pointed out that, “every man carries in himself the complete pattern of human nature.” (1948 trans.) One major pattern of human nature, and a major focus of the Theory of Balanceology includes humans having been born with various levels of distinctive irrevocable needs.  In the Theory of Balanceology, I hypothesize and will make a case that these inborn needs inarguably drive the majority of our behaviors.

laws of human nature