Nature vs. Nurture

I recently made posts related to biological inheritance and cultural inheritance.  Let us get a real debate going here! I have frequently pondered on and asked the questions, “What has been more influential in my life – nature or nurture?” or, “What is more important in the development of the life of any person — genes or memes?” When it comes to nature (DNA) vs. nurture (ENV), I have wondered what has had more of an influence on all of  us developmentally. The way I choose to view these questions are –-> Nature produces a seed (a person) that is born into Nurture’s soil (a culture). The question then becomes, “How does the seed (DNA) grow in the soil (ENV) it was planted into?” The debate over biological inheritance vs. cultural inheritance, and the role in a person’s development, has been a long one. The question, “Are we more of a biological organism or a sociological organism?,” continues to be asked and intensely debated to this day. It amounts to nature’s selfish gene vs. nurture’s social meme. For E. O. Wilson it is  genes that determine human behavior because genes are selfish (1976). However, Thomas Halerott said “men do not become what by nature they are meant to be, but what society makes them.” (Savay, ed, 1971) At this time in my life I am not sure which has a more powerful influence in my/our life —> nature or nurture. I have come to summarize the nature (gene) vs. nurture (meme) debate by saying we have two pulls that compete to have more influence in our life: 1.)  our individual  development has a strong pull towards biological inheritance, but 2.) at the same time our personal development has a strong pull towards familial and cultural teaching and learning transmission.  The question of course is what is more influential? What do you think?  What has been more influential in your life —> nature or nurture?

nature vs. nurture