I propose that ethnocentrism is a byproduct of cultural inheritance and imprintation  and invariably leads to my memes are better than your memes.  My meme’s are better than your meme’s is saying I (we) are better than you (them). Ethnocentrism is a kind of group egotism. Ethnocentrisms main goal is to ensure the survival of one’s culture, customs, and traditions. Ehnocentrism includes dualistic behaviors that are great at labeling outsiders as different and tormenting those who are dissimilar. We humans are bilateral creatures who are great at dividing ourselves along cultural lines —> this gets us back to dualism, polarization, and divisions. Ultimately it amounts to my group (family, race, country) rejects your group (family, race, country). It can easily morph into aberrational behaviors that defame, demonize  and dehumanize those who are not “us.” Ethnocentrism can be a devolutionary process where you are bad and we are good. Or, you are wrong and we are right.

Ethnocentrism can contort into making another group a subspecies. A subspecies designation encourages contemptible behaviors and atrocities that blatantly disregard and disrespect the human rights of another group.  It includes the “doctrine of territoriality,” where our territory, country, state, or city is superior to your country, state, or city. Ethnocentrism involves bias and is a major reason for religious conflict, violence, wars, and prejudice of all types. It is the vulgarity of discrimination and bigotry. I am afraid that at the current stage of human evolution we have not been able to control the constant virus of twisted racism, prejudice, and intolerance of all kinds. For Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “the laws and statutes of a nation are like an inherited disease, from generation to generation, and place to place they drag on by degrees. Wisdom becomes nonsense; kindness oppression.” (Faust, 1961 trans) Ethnocentrism can devolve into the virulence of extreme harmfulness of genocide and the extermination of those undesirables and untouchables who are deemed to be inferior. In posts to come, I discuss the atrocities of Nazis Germany. In posts to come, I detail a form of ethnocentrism related to fairness and unfairness that results when a culture starts to divide itself along social lines and classes.  I ask, “Will humans ever be able to overcome our many forms of prejudice and discrimination?”