Cultural Inheritance

In previous posts I maintained that humans are recipients of Cosmological Inheritance and Biological Inheritance.  In this post I suggest that we are also receivers of Cultural Inheritance.  We are cosmological and  biological creature with our own distinct  inheritance transmitted by genes, and we are born into a distinct culture. From the get-go we are embedded and ensconced into the culture we are born into. I point out that cultures distribute their own inheritance through an intricate process involving the transmission of cultural teaching and learning. Cultural inheritance is the transmission of a collective communal mind. A communal mind transmission, for good or ill, will past through each culture’s generations ad infinitum unless something happens to break the cycle. Each person inherits cultural allotments, assignments, and appropriations according to the culture one is born into. Importantly, each culture is distinct and unique onto itself. In the posts to come I will address the cultural inheritance concepts of cultural differentiation, socialization, imprintation,  memetics, and ethnocentrism.  

cultural inheritance