Before I leave discussing biological inheritance, and move onto cultural inheritance, I want to discuss the not well-known concept of Paleopyschology.  Paleopsychology is a term first used by Smith Ely Jelliffe in the early 1900s. Paleopsychology includes the idea of “thought fossils” and our connection to previous ancestors. It pertains to ancient thought memories being currently expressed in the more ancestral parts of our brain (especially structures in the Limbic Brain) and how they can affect current behavior. I suggest that Paleopsychology gives some validity for biological recapitulation and for the Jungian concept of collective unconscious. I agree that Recapitulation Theory was probably initially overstated with its linear evolutionary linkage pattern. In reality, the tendency exists where there is a nonlinear branching out of evolutionary linkage. This means evolutionary history for the human animal appears to have a tree-like branching pattern (maybe bush-like) from which there evolves many different animal groups (varieties) rather than some straight-line evolutionary path sticking to just one animal classification.

The important point for me is recapitulation and collective unconscious linkage to our ancestral Chordata Phylum.  That is, ontogenesis is a recapitulation of phylogenesis. In the Theory of Balanceology, I conceptualize recapitulation and the collective unconscious as having a correlation with transgenerational inheritance. That is, collective memory (repository of knowledge) for the human species does go back to at least the Mammalian Class of the Chordata Phylum and probably some inclusion of the Reptilian stage. This collective memory is reflected in the Mammalian Brain (Limbic), modern brain (Neocortex), and the connections between the 2-brains. Recapitulation linkage has made its contribution to make human nature what it is. It was Arthur Schopenhauer (19th Cent) who tried to make a case for a transcendent universal consciousness —-> a kind of phylogenesis where a world consciousness is reabsorbed and manifests itself through all people and continues when we die. This makes some sense to me, for recapitulation and collective unconscious does appear to be connected to a transgenerational collective inheritance.