Collective Unconscious

I view  collective unconscious as a biological transgenerational concept. Collective unconsciousness is the long historical experiences, memories, and instincts that humankind  has inherited through DNA. Carl Jung said humans have a collective memory we all share. Collective memory inheritance is that a priori linkage we all share with  all people and all past generations. This primordial unconsciousness is humanities  collective memories and collective history. As biologic creatures of Nature’s living energy-matter we have the entire history of prehumanity and humanity in our genes. The collective unconscious is a connective bridge coming from our endless prehuman and human ancestors. The collective unconscious is shared by all humanity —> it is a reservoir of humanities experiences that we inherent at birth and are on the human genome. By the very act of being born we all make our contribution to this library of collective knowledge. We are all born with this innate cryptic knowledge that we need to bring to awareness, try to comprehend, and try to use in our journey. 

Theodore Nottingham said the collective unconscious allows for, “the primordial mysteries to become accessible to the worshipper through the exalted state of being that struck the deepest chords of spirit. This is the dimension which Jung called the unconscious: out of this experience can come an inner state of harmony and integration taking place on a cosmic scale of consciousness.” (1993) This deeply rooted primordial collective memory goes as far back as biological evolution of the cells of the human brain,  and to some extent is carried in the cells that run throughout our body. If we truly accept and understand the concept of collective unconscious, knowledge coming from it will be a major help in our personal and cultural evolution.  In posts down the road I will give suggestions on how to access knowledge coming from the collective unconscious.

collective unconscious