Transgenerational Inheritance

In the Theory of Balanceology, I have biological inheritance include transgenerational inheritance. Transgenerational inheritance  is collective species inheritance conveying that DNA is “experience from the ages.” It concerns inherited experiences coming from homo sapien origins in physics, chemistry, and biology. Transgenerational inheritance amounts to, and comes from retro-generational memory. Retro-generational memory makes us living fossils of an endless line of past species we evolved from (now mostly extinct). Retro-generational inheritance allows us to have a déjà vu mnemonic access that reaches way, way back into our genetic past. Retro-generational memory acknowledges and allows for historical transgenerational retro-emotions and retro-cognitions to surface to our consciousness. In this writing, I give substantial attention to and place a special prominence on this historical generational entrusted gift. The personal discovery and use of this bestowed inheritance can profoundly affect our self-evolutionary growth. In posts to come I am going to focus on two applicable transgenerational terms that have a formidable role in the Theory of Balanceology:  1.) collective unconscious, and 2.) recapitulation.  I do acknowledge that the terms collective unconscious and recapitulation are not accepted by certain factions and thus make for good debate.

transgenerational image