Cosmological Inheritance

I embrace and have come to appreciate that all of us have Cosmic origins making each one of us an infinitesimal part of a gigantic interconnected Universe. The Cosmic elongated shadow makes us creatures having the entirety of the Cosmos within us. I declare that I view homo sapien creatures as cosmic sapien creatures. Human beings are transmitters of energy. Our mind and body is of matter-energy moving in space-time. Every atom (animate or inanimate) is about atomic energy —> being energetic. Our Cosmic inheritance comes from atoms that have come from supernova explosions happening billions of years ago. That makes all of life inheritors of dying stars. Stars are basically gigantic hydrogen bombs held together by gravity —> the formula to make a star is hydrogen + gravity + time. There are more stars than grains of sand on our Earth, and our mind-bodies are made from the elements of pristine stardust. We are liberated self-aware creatures and the byproducts of Cosmic stardust that miraculously came to life (i. e. Biological Inheritance). The calcium in our bones is generated from ancient stars. The iron in our blood originated from primeval stars. The nitrogen in our muscles and the hydrogen in our hair are spinoffs from primordial space. We truly are descendants of that 13,700,000,000 years ago antediluvian Big Bang explosion.

In previous posts I indicated that we are part of Nature’s patterns, order, duality, unity, cyclicity and balance. In fact, we are exquisitively sensitive to Nature’s patterns and order. We are beings of Nature in alignment  and receptive to Nature’s creations. We are aligned, responsive, and intimately connected with the Sun’s seasonal cycles that gives us solar energy to absorb –> that marvelous Sun that gives life to all flora and fauna creations. The Earth’s rotational pattern around the Sun is engrained in our biology. Our bodies are aligned with the natural order of rhythmic life. Our bodies have circadian rhythms attached to the day-night and light-dark cycles. Our bodies interact with the Moon’s phases, the rotating circulating winds, temperature changes, and the vibrational forces of the Earth’s axial spinning. Our bodies are in constant contact with a fundamental gravitational pull, and from electromagnetism’s fundamental force. In fact, as natural electromagnetic beings the electronic and magnetic worlds influences our  brain. It is patterns and cycles in Nature that make for brainwaves that are electrical and magnetic. Nature’s magnetism has an impact on the brain’s magnetic receptors and this affects our moods and behaviors. Nature has made our brain preprogrammed to musical patterns, rhythm, harmony, and balance. Nature has made our brains receptive to have an ear for music and an ear for speech. I suggest preprogrammed musical patterns and rhythm is why music is so healthy for our brains emotionally, psychologically, and anatomically. We are constantly influenced by the symmetrical forces of Nature’s geometrical forms (cubes, triangles, cylinders), and even how we view the shape of snowflakes. As humans we have supersensitive interactions and responses to our sensorial attributes of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Our bodies are shaped by the natural forces of geology, chemistry, biology, and this kinship insures a unity of animate and inanimate, a cyclicity of being from the Cosmos, and after we die a forevermore continuation in the Cosmos.  The idea of Cosmic Inheritance has helped me lay the groundwork for a naturalistic based Theory of Balanceology.

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