Human Inheritance

In several previous posts I took a broader view of human evolution compared to other writers and theorists.  I maintain human evolution has cosmological, biological, cultural, and personal components.  In this post, and in posts to come I will also take a broader view of human inheritance. First of all, inheritance concerns anthropogeny —-> the study of our origins and beginnings.  My goal for the posts to come is to illustrate how I have studied, researched, discovered, and have come to understand the very long process and intricate history concerning our multifactorial origins. Inheritance pertains to linkage, derivation, precursors, and a connectedness we have received from the past. To inherit something is to receive something. Today there are many individuals concerned with discovering their genealogical history. At the micro-level (family level) there are numerous people interested in studying their family history, family tree, and finding out about their family pedigree. That is an exciting, educational, and valuable thing to do.  However, I keep in mind that at the macro-level (species level) we are connected by an extremely long cosmological and biological family history. We also have remarkable sociological historical connections. I don’t think enough of us pay attention to our species inheritance.  My inheritance posts will set the stage for future posts where I will discuss  in great detail how all of this inheritance has evolved into human nature –—> human beings. I now extensively address  how our inherited foundations have come from cosmic, biological, cultural, and personal transmission: 1.) cosmological inheritance – human beings are Nature’s creatures, and we are linked to the Universe starting with the Big Bang of 13,700,000,000 years ago, 2.) biological inheritance – is our DNA inheritance. This linkage is Nature’s transmission coming from encoded genetic material. It is a linkage with original life of 3,700,000,000 years ago, 3.) cultural inheritance – is our environmental inheritance. This linkage is Nurture’s transmission coming from socialization based on the culture we are born into, and 4.) self inheritance – is our personal inheritance. This linkage is our own growing history and how our unique temperament, traits, personality, and personal history of development shapes us. I do appreciate any feedback on this broader view of human inheritance, and feedback on the following quote by Jacob Bronowski.

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