Celebrity Culture

In a recent post, I addressed cultural devolution.  And, the discussion of celebrity culture and how it contributed to modern day cultural devolution came up.  I might get myself into some trouble here, but I decided to make a post about Celebrity Culture.  In our  modern culture there has developed a kind of semi-god worship for “celebrities” in  movies, music, sports, and politics. Pampered celebrities with their spoiled egos are seen on television, in magazines, advertisements, and endless parades of self-congratulatory  red carpet ceremonies. We have become a celebrity focused want-to-be culture with an ambition to be part of the “rich and famous.” We have a love/hate relationship with celebrities. On the one hand, we fantasize about their fame and fortune, but at the same time envious of their fame and fortune. Rene Girard coined the term mimetic desire that explains the envy, and covetousness that neuronically develops in part of the brain when it becomes activated to what others have. We live vicariously through celebrities. We love to see a celebrity build up, but the schandenfreude part of a typical human brain loves to see celebrities crumble. Celebrity culture is one of opulence, consumerism, unbridled materialism, exhibitionism, plastic surgery, attention-seeking behaviors, fame-seeking behaviors, and inauthenticity. Celebrity culture is having a 20,000 sq. foot home (multiple homes), $350,000 car (multiple cars), $250,000 ring (multiple diamond rings), a gold tooth (a mouth full of gold teeth), a million dollar wedding (multiple million dollar weddings). Celebrity status is a world of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” portraying a fictive, hedonistic, self-centered lifestyle. Celebrity culture is a wastrel, gluttonous lifestyle in a world of impoverishment, ignoring that we are all part of the Circle of Life where none of us should take more than we need to satisfy inherent needs; everything else is about wants. The Circle of Life concerns a morality that realizes that to massively “take more than you give” is immoral. With a knowledge of the Circle of Life, and a human species 99.99% DNA similarity, there is no room for a living where one person (or family) literally consumes what could feed/house thousands. Celebrity status is the antithesis of the powerful idea that “all men/women are created equal.” Celebrity status, at its worst is a gloating and flaunting in the faces of others one’s material acquisitions. Pretentious boasting of wealth is a form of aggression. Human nature includes excessive behaviors that always have been here and will continue to be here. However, all of us have the ability to moderate excessive living. Yet, the average person continues on a fantasy seeking journey of acquiring such a lifestyle of “going Hollywood.” Celebrity status is seeking fame, but authentic wisdom is reached in the realization of “bene vixit qui bene latuit,” or, “whoever lived beyond the limelight lived well.” In the final analysis, a celebrity lifestyle is a theatric, fantasy, pretentious, and juvenile world. Celebrity lifestyle is an orchestration of living, a spectacle of living instead of living in the real world. Are we living in a pedomorphic selfie-age of extreme self-centeredness where childish behaviors are rewarded and accepted as normal?