Cultural Devolution

I theorize that one reason for cultural devolution “is what can occur when the technological advancement of a species races ahead of its moral, ethical and spiritual development.” (Walsh, 2005) It appears to me that at some levels human technology has displaced human morality. There are examples in human history when entire cultures have been subjected to degenerative periods of collective immorality. In the advanced technological 20th Century some of the following atrocities have happened ——> Nazi Era in Germany, Great Leap Forward in China, Bosnian genocide, Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, Rwanda mass killings, and Syrian barbarity. Cultural devolution happens when a society is out-of-balance —-> it has lost its way. World-renowned historian Arnold Toynbee maintained that all cultures have a life cycle where they start, develop, mature, and die. Cultures have many ups and downs during their existence. In a later post, I address this topic in detail when I ask, “Is the United States in a cultural devolutionary time-period with a juvenilistic emphasis on materialism, immediate gratification, and attention-seeking behaviors?” I am afraid these behaviors are persistently moving America towards a vulgarization and coarsening of our culture and society. Finally, all of us individually have our own life cycling journey of birth, stages of growth and development, periods of devolution, and in this cycle we too will die.  Question:  “Is American Culture going through a time of devolution (however you define that term)?

"This evolution show is a crock! There's no way we evolved."