Evolution vs. Devolution

Evolution is a concept I extensively reference in the Theory of Balanceology; evolution exists. Devolution is a  concept I also reference in Theory of Balanceology; devolution exists. Over time I have heard a lot about evolution, but unfortunately little about devolution. That is regrettable because devolution is majorly involved in our lives and the lives of our culture. Just the fact of living gives us a large number of evolutionary heart-warming, and devolutionary heart-wrenching times. Augmentation, acceleration, and appreciable growth involve evolutionary forces <—> devolutionary forces involve unraveling, deceleration, and depreciable loss. Evolution can be a constructive forward movement for an organism or for a culture. Devolution can be a destructive backward movement for an organism or for a culture. The evolutionary arrow of time suggests the direction of evolution is a one-way street with a sequence of change that compels all evolution to flow into the future. However, in the arrow of time, for both individuals and cultures, the flow of time has setbacks and times of devolution.

I further define devolution as a time and moments of descent, deterioration, devaluation, decline, or contraction —> also applies to cultures. Devolutionary times are treacherous mayhem events of harm, loss, tragedy, and failure. They are times we bump into negative encounters in life that have harsh consequences. Devolution are those moments we face in life that disrupt our life. They are those encounters we have with others that derail and disrupt relationships. Thus, devolution includes both personal and interpersonal time-periods of  disintegration. In the posts to come I will address Self-devolution, and o Cultural-devolution. I invite you to share your views on both evolution and devolution.