Deliberate Self-Evolution

In a previous post I discussed Gradual Self-Evolution, that is that long biological and cultural developmental process that we all go through from birth to death. I now focus on Deliberate Self-Evolution, and the major role  it plays in the Theory of Balanceology. I designate deliberate evolution as a purposive process of self-evolution. Deliberate evolution is making an attempt to advance and enhance one’s life. It is a process whereby we endeavor to understand and accept our nature, experience our needs, review our current view of reality, and to make some sense of our current existence. It is a process of asking the philosophical questions of “Who am I?,” “What am I?,” and “What is my place in the Cosmos? I highly appraise deliberate self-evolution because it involves honest questioning, healthy skepticism, and the ability to raise doubts. It is an effort to review the socialization norms of one’s native culture and to honestly evaluate one’s current beliefs, values, attitudes, and societal expectations. It is the process of keeping beliefs, values, attitudes, and social expectations that are working for us, and jettisoning those that aren’t working. Deliberate self-evolution encourages being the director of one’s life story. It is choosing to be the Architect of My Life!  Self-evolution for me, has been a journey where I made a decision to have a readiness and an eagerness to develop a new worldview, philosophy, vision, mission, and values, and to find a path to better know myself. For any of us, I contend that deliberate self-evolution has the potential to catapult the Self towards meeting needs, and thus having advanced meaning, balance, and health in life. Self-evolution is daring the Self to make the decision to say yes-to-change. Deliberate evolution is that macro self-evolutionary path where a person says yes to make meaningful lasting changes in their life.