Gradual Self-Evolution

In my discussion on evolution, I take a broad view and study of it concerning Cosmic evolution, biological evolution, cultural evolution, and self-evolution.  For me, self-evolution is the most important type of evolution for us, because it is a view of evolution that we can have the most control over  (if we choose to).  I now state that self-evolution can take two forms or paths:  gradual self-evolution and deliberate self-evolution.

Gradual evolution is that normal developmental process that we all go through from infancy to old age:  i. e. natural human growth stages. It is an evolutionary journey of on-the-fly learning about oneself biologically, emotionally, psychologically, intellectually, behaviorally, and socially. Gradual evolution is being indoctrinated into the norms of the society and culture of birth. It is the familial, societal, religious, and cultural instructions into being a homme moyen—> the common man. Gradual evolution is the commonality of learning about one’s sexuality, morality,  what loves means, and our different levels of consciousness. It is schooling oneself about one’s unique strengths, skills, attributes, and abilities. It is acquiring the skills it takes to manage life. It is experiencing human nature and our own nature. Importantly, gradual evolution is learning how to experience and satisfy our inherent needs. And, crucially it is learning how to connect, bond, live with, and love other humans. Gradual evolution is that micro self-evolutionary psycho-social path where minor developmental changes slowly unfold over time.

lifespan developmental chart