In previous posts, I discussed Cosmic Evolution, Biological Evolution, and Cultural Evolution.  However, Self-evolution is the level of evolution I am most excited about discussing and writing about. I view self-evolution as the most important level of evolution, because it is about us and if we choose too we can have the most control over.  In my narrative, personal evolution increasingly becomes more prominent.  That is, I progressively focus on self-evolution (and to some degree cultural-evolution). I hypothesize each one of us is on our own personal evolutionary journey, and each one of us can have a major say in writing the narrative of our own story. I attempt to make a case that the Theory of Balanceology is a nature-based philosophical and psychological paradigm having a teleological focus aimed at self-evolution and cultural-evolution. Evolutionarily, Nature has laid the groundwork for each one of us to have the ability to become awakened to ourselves, and to start a process towards personal evolution. Neale Walsh maintained that, “life is the process of awakening. It is the process of becoming. It is the process of knowing that one has become what one always was. It is the process of enjoining the inseparable.” (2004) Self-evolution is a journey that involves an awakening process of how we can undertake to have greater satisfaction of nature-based needs, greater meaning in our life, advanced levels of balance, and enhanced levels of health. To reiterate –> the Theory  of Balanceology includes my effort to construct a workable worldview and to make a self-evolutionary journey to be able to better answer the questions, “Who am I?,” “What am I?,” and to understand my place in the Cosmos.  Aldous Huxley indicated that, “animal types have limited possibilities, and sooner or later exhaust them; man has unlimited field of possibilities, and he can never realize all of them.” (1964) So I ask the question, “Is it our duty to examine our life, and to take an evolutionary journey to better ourselves?”