Cultural Evolution

Each one of us is a biological creature born into an evolving culture. Each person is born in a certain area of Planet Earth. I am fortunate to have been born in the Great Plain’s state of North Dakota, and in the United States of America. I am proud to have now lived in the state of Indiana for many years. Herbert Spencer focused on cultural evolution. For Spencer, cultures and societies evolve by natural laws just the same as biology. I maintain cultures are man-made and they are influenced by nature-made laws. I  float the idea that cultural evolution is dependent on the extent of natural human biological evolution. Cultures are also dependent on the collective evolution of individuals in a society —-> more about self-evolution in a post to come. All cultures and societies will unfold and change over time. It is because of natural law contributions to cultural evolution, I felt the need to include cultures in the Theory of Balanceology.

Louis Leakey suggested that it is the evolutionary advanced human brain that has allowed cultures to evolve (1978). The modern human brain is 30-40,000 years old, and has been able to create communities 10,000 years ago, and early civilizations around 6,000 years ago —–> eg. Ancient Egypt, Ancient Mesopotamia “the land between the rivers,” Ancient Chinese culture, the Mayan culture, and the civilization of the Indus River Valley. Our 30-40,000 year old critical thinking brain has created tremendous material advancements. The last 400 years have especially produced huge cultural and social advancements in medicine, electronics, robotics, technology of all kinds, and space exploration. Many of these cultural inventions have substantially been within the innovative last 50 years. I welcome any comments related to cultural evolution, and its relationship and interaction with biological evolution.