Biological Evolution

I have a better understanding and appreciation for biological evolution when I view it as being embedded in Cosmic evolution. Primack and Abrams maintained that “to choose life is to nurture and protect the cosmic process.” (2006) Karl Peters advanced the notion that biological evolution is “the creative system of evolving life in an evolving universe.” (2002) Theodosius Dobzhansky insisted that, “nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.” (1973) I insist that all human cultural and individual evolutionary stories have a genesis in the Cosmic and biological evolutionary stories.

Charles Darwin is considered to be the “father of biological evolution.” In 1859, Darwin wrote his best known work he called The Origin of Species (1859). Some key components of Darwinian biological evolution are:  1.) natural selection says organic life is a natural process. “Natural selection is solely by the preservation of profitable modifications.” (Darwin, 1859) It is about gene mutation and how species change through genetic variation. Natural selection is the process by which genes change their sequence. This mutational process is a designing process where the most fit survive (mutants). A mutation is really about genetic code corruption. It is if a mutational virus has entered the code. Dramatically, as many as a million mutations enter living organisms each day. However, immunological cells fight-off and eliminate the vast majority of these corruptors. And, sometimes a few invaders survive and over a period of time can eventually change a species,  2.)  adaptation – life adapts to its  environment. Species adapt or become extinct. Adaptation is species evolutionary  innovative mutation to changing  environments. Mutate is a Latin word for change.  Jeremy Narby said, “we are all hybrid beings resulting from countless transformations.” (2005), 3.) time and death  are the vehicles of evolution.  “Multiply, vary, let the strongest live and the weakest die.”    (Darwin, 1859) Winners win  <—> losers lose. With time whole species die out —-> some say 99% of the  original species are extinct.  Decimation  is the future of every species.  Evolutionary history  indicates the  extinction of all species and someday that will include us.  It is estimated the average length for a Mammalian species existence before extinction has been 2,000,000 years.  Personally, I doubt if we homo sapiens can possibly last that long, and 4.) bio-diversity – from the first unicellular life form of 3.7 bya there has been a vast  biological  diversity of plant and animal life forms.  The Cambrian Explosion (540 mya) of life was  “the Big Bang in animal evolution  and  was perhaps the most dramatic  event  in the  history of  life  on earth.” (Parker, 2003) It really was a mutational free-for-all proliferation of life. However, most Cambrian Explosion species are now extinct with just a few hybrid variations living on in one form or another. The Permian Extinction of 250-300 mya wiped out a huge bio-diversity of life forms —>  some estimates have 96% of marine life and 70% of terrestrial life were destroyed. So I ask the readers, “How long do you think our species will survive?” And, I ask, “Doesn’t it seem that as we as a species become ever more technologically advanced, that at the same time the manner in which we treat one another is at a standstill?”