Cosmic Evolution

Over the next several posts I am going to present a broader view of evolution that includes Cosmic evolution, biological evolution, cultural evolution, and personal evolution. It was the Big Bang that initiated in our Cosmic evolving and unfolding journey that continues to define itself and influence every one of our personal journeys. Over time the Big Bang primordial explosion unfolds, flows into, and inaugurates the 4 levels of evolution: 1.) physicality of energy-matter, 2.) biological flora-fauna, 3.) cultural (sociological), and 4.) personal (the Self). At all levels this evolutionary oscillating process is unfinished. Over time this process will continue to unfold, flow, renew, and create. Change often happens in a dramatic, hectic, complex fashion where a galaxy dies –-> a galaxy is born;  a life dies –-> a new life is created;  a culture dies –-> a new culture arises. This process can be causal, or in many cases a-causal in the sense of randomness and probability. John Haught indicated that, “the cosmic process has gone through the pre-atomic, atomic, molecular, unicellar, multicellar, primate, and human phases of evolution. During this journey, the universe has manifested a measureable growth in instances of organized complexity.”  (2003)  In the chart that follows I posted several key evolutionary events.

cosmic journey events