Evolution as a Process

The Ancient Chinese book I Ching, considers change to be part of the Nature’s creative process. Greek epic poet Hesiod said everything is in a state of flux. Flux means to flow. That makes evolution an unfolding, flowing, revealing process in the natural and human worlds. I now know that evolution is a natural process that I am trying to understand. It is a process involving evolution and devolution, destruction and regeneration, death and birth, the animate and inanimate. I have discovered when I have some understanding of this process I gain valuable insight into the nature of reality, the nature of existence, and the very nature of Nature. I desire to acquire worthwhile insight into the nature of human nature and most importantly into my own nature. I now designate evolution as a process of change, and have it as a major component of the Theory of Balanceology.  I enthusiastically support the idea that human beings have within us the capacity to make self-evolving life changes. As this narrative advances, I strategically position the idea that we are creatures who have the free will and the ability to choose to make proactive changes in our life. I take a much broader view of evolution then many people, and I denote evolution as a process of change at four levels that overlap:  Cosmic, biological, cultural, and personal. In the posts to come I will define and detail each one of these evolutionary levels of change.

evolution as a process