Evolution – Change

I am going to start a series of posts related to evolution. My view of evolution will be much broader then traditional biological evolution, and I am open to any comments related to the view I take.  My goal in these posts is to illustrate how change supports my naturalistic worldview and is intricately tied into the Theory of Balanceology. Over the years of my research, I have kept a deep desire to study and learn about the science related to evolution. Nature surely has taken the world on one extended evolutionary journey of incalculable changes. Unrelenting change is entwined in each of our own journeys with continuous alterations. In the posts to come, I dictate a narrative of the many evolutionary paths change takes. Heraclitus said, “nothing endures but change” . .  “one cannot step in the same river twice.” We live in a fluid Universe. All creations exist in an ever-changing Universe where things never stay the same, everything is temporary, and nothing lasts forever. Such is the nature of Nature! Nature entails the evolutionary permutations related to transition, transformation, and transcendence. Change pertains to the events happening in Nature, human nature, and our own nature (much more to come). Change involves time and the basic essence of time is ongoing change. I will frequently refer to evolution and change as unfolding,  since they take place and unfold over time.

evolution and change