Primordial Cell

In a previous post I suggested that one theory of how nonlife became life, is that of the Primordial Soup Theory.  This theory suggests that the original spark of life came from a biochemical primordial twitch from the sea.  Now I point out that there is a theory that maintains there was an original cell.  The Primordial Cell Theory proposes that the first life created in the Sea has a basic unit called the cell. This basic unit is for both flora (plant) and fauna (animal). This theory says that every cell is a microcosm of life itself, thus making life cellular. This theory maintains that the Earth’s original  life-form came as a 1-cell creature.  Importantly, this primordial cell is the original unicellular living creature that forms a continuous thread or chain-of-existence for the past 3.7 billion years.  That means that this unicellular living creature is the primogenitor ancestor for all-of-life. The first cell, the first creature, the first living resident to inhabit Planet Earth was the bacteria prokaryote, and isn’t it amazing that it still exists today? (Side note:  the human body has more bacterial cells in it than human cells). The prokaryote is a unicellular organism that doesn’t have a nucleus. Unicellular life came 800,000,000 million years after the Earth was formed 4.5 bya.  For me, it is astonishing that for three billion years single cell organisms of bacteria, algae, and protozoa populate our planet. That is, for 85% of those 3,700,000,000 years there was 1-cell life. It is the evolution of the eukaryote from the prokaryote that starts the process of life having cell nuclei. The eukaryote can be either unicellular (eg. amoeba) or multicellular plants and animals.

Bill Bryson said, “whatever prompted life, it happened just once. That is the most extraordinary fact in biology. Everything that has ever lived, plant or animal, dates it’s beginning from the same primordial twitch. Some bag of chemicals fidgeted to life.” (2003) In the Theory of Balanceology, I advocate for and support that all of life is connected on its way to advanced creatures like us humans. It is precisely the connecttion of physics –-> chemistry –-> biology that prompted me to theoretically proclaim a naturalistic foundational basis for us. It is exactly these natural substructual connections that allows me write a  narrative tracing a 3.7 bya developmental history that evolves into us, and where we then go on to build human cultures. If the day ever comes when the majority of humans support the idea that all of life is connected, I don’t see how it is then possible for such things as racism, bigotry, and discrimination among humans to exist.  What do you think of the Primordial Cell Theory?