Primordial Soup

In previous posts I discussed nonlife, and how it in some mysterious way it evolved into life.  A life that eventually lead to us. I ask, “What was the nascent original act of the Big Birth when non-living becomes living?” Some have suggested life came from an asteroid that smashed into the Earth billions of years ago. Others proclaim life came from a supernatural act.  Others say that the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old and whatever started the dawn of life probably came from the sea some 700,000 million years ago. They hypothesize that the original act of life happened in water from a primordial twitch ignited through hydrothermo vents that blended chemical elements into a primordial soup. The majority of scientists argue that the original act of nonlife becoming life (crossing the inorganic-organic threshold) involved the Sea. So, does that mean that humans are  creatures who have come up from the Sea? I only have to consider some facts that makes me think the original life-bringing nutrients came from the Sea such as: 1.)  most forms of life are composed mainly of water  —> humans are 65%  H2O,  2.)  saline (salt) water and carbon are the basis of  life.  Wilson  reports that,  “carbon is only the 15th  most common element, accounting for a very modest 0.048% of the Earth’s crust, but we would be lost without it.”  (1998), and 3.)  it is estimated that ½  of the current living forms of life can be found in the Sea.  Actually, the chemicals of  life  are  not overly complicated. Out of the 200 different atoms  that make up the human body there  are 126 hydrogen, 51 oxygen, 19 carbon, and the rest  nitrogen,  a little calcium,  and throw in a small amount of sulfur. Does that make each of us a miniature chemistry set?  In a previous post, I stated that according to the Out of Africa Theory we humans had our original beginnings in Africa 100,000 to 200,000 years ago and spread to all parts of the globe.  However, millions of years before our species left Africa, according to the Primordial Soup Theory, we humans became an evolutionary byproduct of the original life that biochemically emerged from the sea.  What do you think of?

primordial soup