Biochemical Revolution

In the Theory of Balanceology, I pay special attention to Nature and human nature. I now understand and can appreciate that from Nature it is the abiotic science of chemistry and the animate science of biology that will merge to form the biochemical basis for Life. I already addressed that the animate and the inanimate are both composed of atoms in motion. Somehow in this motion there is a beautiful chemical and biological synthesis that allows for life, and for this initial life to evolve into a huge bio-diversity. In substantial ways, I have come to view our Earth as poetically becoming “the land of the living!” However, at this time in history science just can’t answer the origins of life. Science doesn’t understand how inanimate energy-matter becomes animate energy-matter. Science can’t answer the question, “How does nonliving chemistry become living biology?” It remains one of those Great Mysteries I discuss in Chapter 19, of my book.  Science can only hint at the possibilities that inaugurated in life.  Life that over billions of years eventually evolved to include human beings.