Animate-Inanimate Motion

The Theory of Balanceology has significant nature-based underpinnings.  And, part of those underpinnings relate to how Nature has taken something that is inanimate (non-life) and it has become animate (of life).  A life that on its long evolutionary path will create human beings. It is now known that the animate and the inanimate are both in motion. They are in constant hyper movement. In some yet to be understood way abiotic non-living energy-matter in motion, becomes living energy-matter in motion. This living energy-matter after countless evolutionary transformations on its way to us will have sensations, the ability to build relationships, love, procreate, make moral decisions, emote, and to have various levels of consciousness. John Brockman asked what is “the difference between living matter, and nonliving matter? Over here is an organization of molecules and it’s a living cell; over there is an organization of molecules and it’s just matter. What is it that makes something alive?” (2003) Quite outstanding questions. I have come to appreciate the concept of hylozoism that declares that all physical matter has life within it, because everything at the atomic level has energy in motion. Dominican monk Giordano Bruno supported the concept of hylozoism arguing that everything is alive. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin goes further by explicitly stating that there is no real distinction between inorganic matter (lithosphere), organic matter (biosphere), and of thinking conscious matter (noosphere). Hylozoism has become a useful concept in building my case for a naturalistic unified and balanced worldview. Question:  “Is the concept of the animate (life) evolving from the inanimate (nonlife) as fascinating to you, as it is to me?”