Abiogenesis alludes to living organisms coming from non-living matter. This concept has been difficult for me to understand and has absorbed a lot of my attention. Just think about —> life from nonlife or pre-biologic becomes biologic.  At times, I will refer to the animate-inanimate, the organic-inorganic, or the living-nonliving. Nature is amazing!  I have asked myself, “How does Nature of the non-living become Nature of the living?,”  “What are the life-bringing elements that came together in order to create  life?” and, “Where is that evolutionary fine line, that fine balance between nonlife and life?” I am intrigued as to when this nonlife-life line was first crossed from the geo to the bio. How did the geo-chemical sphere (mineral world) become the biological sphere (world of life)? How did the elements of energy-matter become bio-factorial, bio-active, and bio-energetic? They are remarkable questions that still haven’t been sufficiently answered by science. Scientists have discovered that it is very difficult to tease out the micro-geo elements from the micro-bio elements. Abiogenesis is just a fascinating subject that I will make reference to in the posts to come.