Mystery of Life

Big Bang -> Big Birth -> Big Gift – I have a magnanimous appreciation for the precious gift of life.  I have the gift of life embedded in my nature-based Theory of Balanceology. How special it is that you and I are connected to a 3.7 billion year chain-of-life. Whitman proclaimed, “I celebrate myself, and sing myself, and what I assume you should assume, for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.” (1892) The Talmud declares that if just one life is saved it is if saving an entire world. Albert Schweitzer professed a veneration for all of life. Schweitzer’s philosophy of life can be summarized as “the reverence for life.” For him life must be valued, preserved, protected, and promoted. Life is precious, it is a gift, yet how fragile life can be. I adamantly embrace and support the treasure of life, and I am saddened how often I have taken my life for granted. Before any life is taken for any reason we must be cautious. I now realize that it is a distinctively appropriate idea to value my life and to respect the long history it has taken to become us.  That is, the drawn-out history from the Big Bang’s primordial atom, and onto the Big Birth’s life-bearing primordial cell. We are naturalistic-biological creatures. Cells are the atoms of biology, and this atomic-cellular history has given me additional footage in documenting a naturalistic worldview. The Big Bang is of quantum-energy <—> life-energy is of the Big Birth. Question:  “Why do you think so many human beings disrespect their life through the use of excessive alcohol, drugs, smoking cigarettes, and often an endless parade of reckless behaviors?”

mystery of life