Gaia Hypothesis

In order to build a theory and a worldview I could attest to and follow, I bumped into James Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis many times.  For me, his hypothesis involves all forms of evolution,  the environment, human interaction with the world we live, etc.  Lovelock proposed a global unified system of Nature’s unity. For him, in an ecological sense everything is unified and interconnected. In an ecological sense Nature concerns and contains a unifying consubstantial substance. Lovelock called his unified theory the Gaia Hypothesis. In later posts,  I will detail where there is a search to discover a Theory of Everything (TOE) —> a unifying substance for all that exists. Lovelock maintained that the physical realm (inanimate) interacts with the biological realm (animate). There is a worldwide flow of energy-matter between and among these two realms making for a unification between all nonliving and living things. It was Lovelock who proposed that Nature is all about finely balanced interconnectedness. He had environmental concerns and looked on the Universe as being a superorganism having a precarious balance that must be maintained in order to properly function. That is, in order to function properly the Universe needs to preserve an internal and external unified balance that has interdependence and interconnections.  His hypothesis reinforces that we better watch what we are doing to the environment we live in. I recently watched a frightening 60 Minute episode, and the huge spread of man-made plastics throughout the Earth, and how they are hurting our environment. I view the Gaia Hypothesis as fundamentally aimed at cultivating a natural ecological homeostasis that provides stability, balance, and allows the Earth to replenish itself. I submit that an endorsement of the Gaia Hypothesis is a true understanding that Nature seeks balance, and because we come from Nature it is baked right into our DNA that each one of us will always seek balance. I recommend that as natural creatures who are seeking balance, it is highly advisable that we   accept, trust, respect, and have a desire to cooperate with Nature.  I do appreciate any comments related to the Gaia Hypothesis.

gaia hypothesis