Nature’s Cyclicity

Nature involves duality, unity, and balance. And, Nature significantly includes the natural pattern of  cyclicity —-> a pattern that tends to move in cycles. “The weeping philosopher,” Heraclitus of Ephesus, referred to a stream of cyclicity that is found in Nature.  He proposed a theory where the natural world contains a dynamic cyclical process that constantly unfolds, flows, changes, and moves, and he poetically wrote, “out of life comes death, and out of death life,  out of the young, the old, and out of the old, the  young, out of waking sleep, and out of sleep waking, the stream of creation and dissolution never stops.” (Cent BC)

Nature has been on a recycling voyage for 13,700,000,000 years. Nature is frugal.   Goswami said, “cyclicity – water evaporates and forms clouds, then comes down as snow in the highest peaks of the mountains. The snow melts and becomes the source of rivers, which then find their ways to the ocean, only to evaporate and the cycle continues.” (1995) The law of conservation of mass-energy can  be seen in  Nature’s  cyclicity. Cyclicity can be seen in Nature’s life, death,  and rebirth.  Cyclicity includes a circle of  life-death, where the extinction of some  leads  to the creation of others.  Nature’s cyclicity can be seen in the four seasons of Spring,  Summer,  Fall,  and Winter.  Neal Walsch came to view the Universe  “as  part of a  living system.” (2004)  In this  system atoms and molecules recycle, and constantly become part of another animate and inanimate object.  The Circle of Life is that journey all of us traverse and cycle through. At birth we all commence and get onboard this merry-go-round life cyclic journey that invariably will circle back on itself.

nature cyclicity quote