Nature’s Unity

It is true that Nature has its dualistic yin-yang component. But another profound component of Nature is its tendency towards coming together and unity. It was ancient Greek cosmologist Anaxagoras who suggested a unity of being for everything that has ever existed. Anaxagoras seems to be well ahead of his time for only now do we hear from modern quantum physicists that underlying all reality there appears to be connection. This unity is woven into the very fabric and structure of our Universe. Taube proposes that, “all things are made of the same stuff, differently mixed, bound by one force, stirred by one energy.” (2001) Henry David Thoreau refers to “nature’s vitality and unity.” (1854) In China, the Cosmic concept of the Tao is assuredly a concept of unity. Carl Sagan wrote of the Universe’s natural unity, and physicist Geoffrey Chew referred to Nature as a web that connects and unifies. Ralph Waldo Emerson hearalded, “the unity of nature – the unity of variety – which meets everywhere,” and that “each particle is a microcosm, and faithfully renders the likeness of the world.” (ed. Ericson, 2003) I postulate from the Big Bang of 13,700,000,000 years ago, there has been a unity throughout the Universe’s natural world.  I suggest a worldview narrative only works when it develops, stresses, and lays out the naturalistic and universal connections and a unity that exist throughout the natural world. This solidification includes a unity of life where there exists an interpenetration that extends from the inanimate world to the animate world.  Simpson proposed that, “the first grand lesson learned from evolution was the unity of life.” (1961)  Evolution underscores the genetic patterns of connection with all forms of life that have existed where “each creature is only a modification of the other; the likeness in them is more than the difference.” (Emerson, ed. 2003)  A favorite saying I embrace is:  unity exists in Nature <—> Nature exists to unify. I appreciate the title of John C. Taylor’s book:

Natues unity