Yin and Yang


is an excellent example of  Nature’s  blending, continuum and tendency  towards balance. Yin-Yang  is an Ancient Chinese dialectic term that overlaps with Nature’s concepts of duality,  unity,  cyclicity,  and balance. Yin-yang describes  how opposite forces  are  connected  in  the natural world,  and I suggest can be in the world of people. Yin and yang are 2-sides of dualism that can represent various states of balance.  Yin is imbalance by itself;  yang is imbalance by itself. However,  when yin and yang come together (yin-yang) we can  have balance.The idea of balance is at the center of both Chinese science and philosophy.  The Chinese view terms such as  male/female, tail/heads,  earth/sun, day/night,  good/bad, and strong/weak  as complementary  terms.  The yin’s (female passive Moon)  opposite quality is called the yang  (male active Sun). The Chinese I  Ching (Chinese Book of Change) centers around a yin-yang balance of dualistic forces. It is the interaction of 2-energies (yin-yang) that can bring a balance. Balance is the blending of two opposite forces (eg. hot/cold = warm).  I recommend for the challenges we encounter in life, that we aim for a balance between the yin and yang.  The idea of yin and yang can be useful in the world of people for the many things that divide us on a personal, interpersonal, and cultural levels.

ying yang