Nature always seeks balance

Nature is a superlative teacher! I have spent many joyous occasions observing and experiencing Nature in my attempts to discover the inherent patterns and order in the natural world. It gives me great joy when I look up at the beauty of a celestial realm clear evening sky. It gives me a peace of mind when I hike on the earthy floor of Nature’s terrestrial realm. I designed the Theory of Balanceology as a naturalistic paradigm in my attempts to imitate, parallel, and capture some of the patterns and order that exist in Nature. I desire to better understand Nature’s connecting and balancing forces. Rain felt, “the balance of nature is a concept of great substance.” (2002) I proclaim that –> Nature always seeks balance! Nature seeking balance gave me the idea to have Balanceology’s centric idea as “balance,” and the centric Big Idea as “Balance is Everything.” Nature doesn’t know of our man-made dualistic borders of conservative/liberal, nations/borders, Jew/Moslem, rich/poor, or capitalism/communism. Nature’s ways are aimed at blending,  connection, harmony, and most of all balance. All of us are on a never-ending life journey of trying to balance-out our needs and wants, me or we, work and play,  family or oneself,  relationships, and things like the amount of pleasure we have, the stuff we collect, the amount of what we eat and drink,  etc. I assert that if we immolate  Nature’s directives of connection, harmony, and balance we are on a path that can satisfy our personal and interpersonal needs, and bring a certain degree of meaning and health to our life. A life that is faithful to the natural world, and has some moderation of the human world, is headed in the  direction of living-in-balance.

nature balance