Nature’s Continuum

In a recent post I addressed the duality that exists in the natural world and the world of people. However, Nature’s dualisms are on a continuum —> including human duality. I suggest and will maintain throughout Balanceology that our dualistic human world doesn’t have to be a bivalent world or a bipolar world that leads to tension, divisions, and conflict. I dictate we humans don’t have to be divided. Heraclitus proposed the doctrine of a Unity of Opposites. In his doctrine he said it is true that just about everything has an opposite, but opposites can transition, transform, transcend, and unify. Dualism involves contradictions (eg. black and white), but there can be a synthesis that overcomes the incongruities where black and white becomes gray. I argue that dualisms are on a continuum moving towards a synthesis in the middle. Nature’s continuum gravitates towards  balance. I joyfully proclaim, “Nature connects; Nature synthesizes; Nature balances!” Nature presents a model of continuity and unity where a true duality never exists. It is incumbent upon us to learn, emulate, and take advantage of Nature’s continuity. I maintain that a major component of  living-in-balance is discovering, learning, and following a Middle Path that avoids the dualistic extremes of living.  In the Theory of Balanceology,  I strongly endorse and advocate for a model that presents the skills we should master in order to manage the dualistic barriers and forces that exist in our life. Importantly, a major way to overcome duality is to learn the skills it requires to satisfy our innate needs (basal, deeper, and higher), and in the process bring some level of contentment to our life.