Nature’s Dualities

I am fascinated by the many dualities in the natural world and the world of humans. It appears to me that Nature’s dualities  have deep roots beginning with the Big Bang creation  and the primordial dualism of matter-energy. The second major dualism is the animate-inanimate dualism —–> organic-inorganic dualism. Duality is everywhere in Nature.  Have you ever looked at the  Universe  and concluded  so many things  appear to occur in twos?  Dualism (duality) is the state of being two that concerns duo (2), or  being 2-fold.  Dualism is  being schismatic, opposite,  and of bifurcation. It appears to me that the dualities of the natural world are limited like cold-warm, day-night, North-South, micro-macro, etc.  However,  in the human world there appears to be an  unlimited number of dualities like me-you, conservative-liberal,  rich-poor, good-bad, etc.  The dualities in the human world can cause a lot of problems, and each one of us will have to figure out where we stand on them as we journey through life.

Duality is part of life