I suggest that anyone who advocates for a Universe with natural connective and unitive patterns should pay attention to the science of Universology. Universology is a science first proposed by Stephen Pearl Andrews in The Basic Outline of Universology (1872). Universology is “the science of the universe.” It pertains to Nature’s universal patterns, connections,  and interconnections. Universality explains a universal union is taking place in Nature. I am excited to proclaim that Nature is the Universe <—> the Universe is Nature.  Japanese astronaut Mamaru Mohri advocated for the acceptance of a universological worldview where all things are connected by uninterrupted historical happenings since ab initio:  i. e. “from the beginning.” In my writing, I unceasingly embrace an interconnected and unified naturalistic worldview. I strongly endorse the Universology assertion that there are extensive evolutionary connections related to Nature’s physical, biological, social, and even personal domains. I advise that these evolutionary connections are passed onto us through the various realms of inheritance. Universology pertains to a Nature that has limited but key concepts —> matter-energy, micro-macro, animate-ianimate, duality, unity, cyclicity, and always balance.