Quantum World Summary

What do you think? For me, this quantum world is one crazy and  hard world to comprehend, and I suspect that is one reason why it so intrigues me.  I view this quantum world as being contrary to common sense. In my books Chapter 9, on the human brain, I discuss the engrossing subject of how the quantum subatomic world interacts with, and in the process has a major influence on our brain’s electrical and neurochemical elements. In Chapter 19, I discuss the human fascination with trying to explain the many mysteries of Nature and human nature. This quantum world certainly contains a host of mysteries. The Quantum Physics subatomic world and its dual nature of energy/matter, its particle/wave component, its ability of bilocation, its ceaseless motion surely makes for one mysterious and incomprehensible world. Albert Einstein just could not accept a world that is made up of waves of probability, yet ironically his theories actually endorse this ensorcelling and spooky miniature world. There really is no-one who understands this “other-worldly” quantum world. Niels Bohr said if a person is not shocked by the subatomic world then that person has no understanding of what it theorizes and stands for. Bohr contended that the quantum world is stranger than one could ever imagine, or even begin to invent. Robert Berman maintains, “no one has the slightest idea what is going on, or how subatomic particles can perform these impossible feats of anti-logic.” (1998) I appreciate the title of Patricia Topps book, “This Strange Quantum World and You.”

quantum world