Atomic System

The Theory of Balanceology is a nature based system.  And, we can’t discuss Nature without discussing  the Atomic Theory. The Greeks had a remarkable prescience in first guessing that matter has an atomic nature. In the 4th Century BC Democritus theorized there was a basic particle of matter. He postulated there had to be some foundational particle that couldn’t be divided and called it the atom. The word atom is from the Greek word atomos =  indivisible (uncuttable). Lucretius said that matter exists of invisible particles (100 BC). Chemist John Dalton proposed an atomic theory saying, “all materials are made up of small, uncuttable particles called atoms.” (1803) Atoms are fundamental and foundational for the interconnectivity in Nature that I have been pointing out. Atoms are those universal subtratum particles for everything. Atomism indicates that there is no distinction between the celestial and the terrestrial, for at the atomistic level there doesn’t exist a celestial and terrestrial dichotomy. It is amazing when I think that any single atom existing today is connected to the first Primordial Atom —> that 13.7 bya neutron ball, and that includes the atoms that make us. It is fascinating to conceptualize and realize that after we die our atoms will continue in the Cosmos in some other form. It is knowledge like primordial connectively and unity that has helped me to philosophically and psychologically understand the natural world, and was very instrumental in helping me build my naturalistic-based worldview. It is such knowledge as this that I say, “All of us are children of Nature, live in Nature, and we will continue in Nature after our biological body dies.”

atomic theory