Nature’s Recycling Journey

The Law of Conservation of Energy is a natural Cosmic Law of real significance. For Lucretius “nothing is ever created out of nothing,” and “nothing is ever annihilated.” (trans. 1951) Energy can be transformed but not destroyed. That is, the conservation of energy makes for energy being a grounding natural constant in the Universe. It may be transformed and changed in some way, but the amount always stays the same. Ultimately it is energy that flows, is transformed, but is never eliminated. Energy is never lost! Energy conservation concerns maintaining a balance between the energy that comes in, and the energy going out. Energy has been on a natural re-cycling journey for 13,700,000,0000 years.  And, of real significance in the Theory of Balanceology I discuss in detail how we humans are energy flow patterns.

Arnold Benz said, “there is no indication that the order of nature, the fundamental laws of physical  symmetries have  altered since the  Big Bang.  Laws of  conservation and other basic equations  were  perhaps  already valid at the beginning of the universe. Total energy, electrical charges, the number of leptons, and the fundamental  parameters in  the universe  appear to have  remained  constant for  over 14 billion years.”  (2000)

conservation of energy