Mathematical Patterns

I want to present some examples of mathematical patterns found in Nature by pointing out the following: 1.) fibonacci numbers that allow for an integer sequence where the two previous numbers are added together to form a new number, 2.) pi (3.1416) is a constant pattern in Nature, 3.) Newton’s foundational gravity equation can be found throughout the Universe (F = Gm1m2/r2), 4.) mathematical natural patterns are found in music scales, and 5.) there are patterns in the vis-viva equation models of the motion of orbiting bodies. Modern cosmological theories view our Universe as a mathematical object. Mathematical language involves computational techniques that help understand the fundamental regularity and order of Nature’s ways. I find it exceptionally interesting that Nature has given the human brain a primitive sense of mathematics that allows us to interact with the Universe and discern its numerical properties. This inherited mathematical sense has given us the ability to predict and to help discover the truths of Nature. It is mathematics and science that makes it possible to investigate the macro classical world and the micro quantum world.  In the Theory of Balanceology, I  indicate how I use mathematics in the measurement of human characteristics, features, behaviors, symptoms, impediments to growth, need satisfaction, treatment planning, and even if Balancetherapy is successful or not —-> by baseline differential. I include mathematics in constructing Balanceology’s BellBalance Curve and Bell-Health Curve.

pi and nature