Nature’s Connectivity

Astrophysics – Cosmology is the study of what exists in the Universe. Physics is primarily a study of energy and matter. Astrophysics combines the two and it becomes the study of the Cosmos and of physics. Astrophysicists attempt to understand the realities of the Cosmos –—> astro (celestial) + physics (terrestrial). It is Nature that binds Cosmology and Physics together and importantly that binding includes human nature, and each of us at an individual level.  In my  writing,  I  chronicle and detail how we are incorporated into the Cosmos, and that we will continue in the Cosmos after we die. Thus, significantly from the Big Bang onward everything in the natural world is connected. Connectivity plays a major role in the celestial realm, the terrestrial realm, and the interaction between the two. Connectivity is embedded within the laws of Physics and the Cosmos follows the laws of Physics. Baruch Spinoza said the laws of Nature will always remain the same (17th Cent). I have universology, consilience, and connectivity play a major role in the Theory of Balanceology.

          Natures connection