Boundless Universe

Several interesting questions for me are, “Is the Universe boundless?,” “Is the Universe endless?” and, “Are humans included in a never-ending Universe?” Right now we understand that the Universe extends out 13.7 billion years. I ask, “Is there something beyond those 13.7 billion years of energy-matter and time-space?” Is it a void <—> is it a vacuum? Some argue that the Universe is only in the infancy of its expansion. Some contend that there is an open Universe that will unceasingly expand forever. Others estimate that at the present time we only have the capability to observe 4% of our Universe. Thus, that would mean at the current time 96% of the Universe is beyond our ability to view. There are those who have estimated that the entire Universe (no one knows for sure) has an unobservable diameter of 100 septillion light years.

It was Lucretius who proposed that the Universe must be boundless and edgeless (100 BC). However, for philosopher and scientist Archytas (400 BC) there must be a “cosmic edge” where the Universe ends. The Spear of Archytas refers to taking a spear and throwing it across the edge. Is there an edge that can be shattered (crossed)?  If so, I ask, “What is on the other side of this Cosmic boundary?” The idea of a boundless and never-ending Cosmos is an emotional, intuitive, and cognitive mind-boggling and mind-blowing concept for me. I will again address the concept of a boundless and endless Universe as it applies to human beings in Chapter 29, of my book, Balanceology: The 4 M’s of motivation, meaning, measurement, mitigation, as I reflect on Eternity, Eternal Return, Eternal Life, Eternal Now, and when I ask the question, “Will the Universe end someday?”

boundless universe