Cosmos is a Greek name for Universe (Kosmos GK = order). Cosmology is the scientific study of the entire Universe. I maintain that we humans are connected to the Cosmos —> we are creatures of the Universe. In the Theory of Balanceology, I make a case that we are a species that is biologically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually linked to the Cosmos. Cosmology is the study and story of energy, matter, space, time, and  everything that exists in the Universe including humans. In my naturalistic worldview, I use the terms Universe and the Cosmos interchangeably.

Image of Cosmos

The Universe we live in is dynamic, evolving, and orderly —-> after the initial explosion order sets in. Our Universe is all of the energy-matter that has ever existed in space-time. This includes all of the galaxies and intergalactic space. Our Universe is HUGE with astronomers theorizing that there are 140 Billion galaxies in the known Universe. These 140 Billion galaxies contain a transfinite number of 300 sextillion stars (cardinal # = 1021). A typical star is metaphorically equivalent to an extremely huge furnace burning billions and billions of pounds of matter, reaching temperatures of millions and millions degrees, and ends up producing fuel. Carl Sagan theorized that the stars probably have “10 billion trillion” (1980) planets revolving around them. How does one even begin to grasp such numbers? Pascal maintained, “the entire universe is only an imperceptible speck in the ample bosom of nature. No idea can come close to imaging it.” (1669)