The Big Bang

The Big Bang is time zero. After the initial atomic fireball explosion there was chaos. Chaos was at a maximum <–> order was at a minimum. Energy density at time zero was immense. As this prodigious energy drops, the Universe starts to expand at a rapid rate. After the initial chaos, order gradually sets in. As order is established, time and space are set in motion. Our Universe was born in extreme heat and has been gradually cooling off for billions of years. Within 379,000 years after the Big Bang the Universe is cooling and congealing enough to form galaxies, stars, and planets. During this early time atoms are starting to form. I realize no theory is perfect. In fact, this theory has some major shortcomings. In the case of the Big Bang I ask the scientific, philosophical and religious questions related to “What was before the Big Bang?,” and “Was there a Big Banger?” Is Immanuel Kant right when he maintains in First Antimony, “that which causes all effects cannot itself have a cause?” I agree this theory has shortcomings, yet I also agree with the majority of scientists that the Universe, the Cosmos, Nature’s initial beginnings came from the Big Bang. I insist that makes for a nature-made First Cause. In future posts I will fastidiously address important concepts and issues related to Nature and human nature. I will proclaim and indicate how I view these concepts and issues fitting into my naturalistic balanceological worldview and paradigm.

Big Bang Image