Primordial Atom

The nature-based Theory of Balanceology starts with the primordial atom – Believe it or not but once upon a time, time didn’t exist! What is theorized to have existed was  this super hot and ultra dense neutron ball. Monsignor George Lemaitre talked in terms of an initial ball he called the “cosmic egg.” In 1846, he wrote about this incipient cosmic egg in L’ Hypotheses del’ Atome Primitif  (Primeval Atom Hypotheses). The First Cause of the Universe most widely accepted by scientists is the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang is a time of immense compression and enormous temperature. It is a Cosmic Story that presents a metaphor to conceptualize how everything began. According to this theory, a volatilizable primordial atom (cosmic egg),  the size of a dime, violently exploded 13,700,000,000 years ago creating a colossal nature-based Universe of energy, matter,  space, and time. It was the most massive fulmination ever. The Big Bang amounts to a nearly infinite energy density  of extreme hyper-acceleration and super-radioactivity from the primordial atom. Within .000000000001 of a second 4 fundamental immutable forces came into existence: 1.) gravity of attraction, 2.) electromagnetic electric charges and electric current, 3.) a strong nuclei of atoms, and  4.) a weak nuclei in control of radioactive decay.