When did time begin?

I introduce this post by asking, “When did time begin?,” and “How did the Universe begin?” According to Rabbi Moses Maimonides and Thomas Aquinas God was the First Cause  ——>  a supernatural being created a natural Universe ex nihilo  ——>  “out of nothing.”  Archbishop James Ussher actually pinpointed the creation of the Universe as Sunday, Oct. 23, 4004 BC;  amazingly a date some still believe.

“In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth,  Genesis 1,  v. 1.  Which beginning           of time, according to our chronology, fell upon the entrance of the night preceding             the  twenty  third  day of  October  in  the year of  the Julian Period 710.  The  year               before Christ 4004.”  (James Ussher, 17th   Cent)

Modern creationism attempts to make biblical Genesis an historical and literal account of creation. However, this supernatural worldview explanation no longer resonates with me intuitively, emotionally, cognitively, or spiritually. I point out that this supernatural worldview ignores a massive scientific fossil record and geologic strata going back millions and billions of years. In the Theory of Balanceology  I will explore, detail, and steadfastly advocate for a worldview of creation. I will embrace, champion, promote, and present a naturalistic worldview of creation.